Welcome to my website!!

The following pages have been designed primarily for the interest and entertainment of friends and family, however, if you have just called in whilst surfing by you are most welcome. Have a look around, there may be something to interest you!
Generally the pages are a collection of notes and photographs relating to my life in retirement. Over the years my hobbies/interests have grown to the point when it was difficult to find time to go to work so I did the sensible thing and took early retirement.

Some hobbies have fallen by the wayside but the following pages represent how I spend most of my spare (what’s that? !) time. You can work your way through the site via the links in the side margin and go directly to the relevant page

  • Bee Keeping
  • Woodturning
  • Collecting pharmacy bygones
  • Motoring
  • Travel
  • Fly fishing
  • Computing
  • Family History
  • Gardening

My first attempts at web building were on a PC using MS Frontpage and although I was by no means an expert, I “got by”. Following continued frustrations with PC crashes etc. I joined the ranks of Mac users (iMac 20” desktop and MacBook Pro 13” laptop) and after initially using Apple’s own iWeb application I now use RapidWeaver which necessitated me re-learning everything but it seems to be going more or less to plan.

I used to devote a page to a club that take up a small slice of my time; it has now been “cut adrift” and has its own stand alone site which can be reached by clicking on the following link:

Derbyshire Dales Woodcraft Club